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At MDTC we have been supporting Young Carers for the past 8 years please see below more information about the positive work we, our partners and our young carers do.

“I feel proud to be Young Carers,
because he is my brother and I love him”

(Year 9 Young Carer)

“It really helps to know that you are not alone
and the teachers are here to help us”

(Year 10 Young Carer)

“School knowing I am a Young Carer has allowed
them to provide support for me and my family”

(Year 8 Young Carer)

“I have witnessed Young Carers grow from strength to strength once they have been identified in School”

(Mr Eyre, Headteacher)

At Monk’s Dyke Tennyson College we acknowledge Young Carers and the effect their caring role may have on their time spent in school. We appreciate that being a young carer can impact on attendance, attainment and most importantly the general well-being of the student. We as a school aim to provide extra support so your child can enjoy school and reach their full potential.

If you think your child may be a young carer, Please allow us to identify them in our school. You can confidentially inform the school by emailing; (this email is also available for students to contact us by). Alternatively you are welcome to contact the Young Carers lead directly and even arrange a meeting on; 01507 606349 (Louth campus) and ask for Emma Andrew (Young Carers operational lead).

More information can be found at the following websites: – lincolnshire-carers-and-young-carers-partnership

babble – an online community for young carers