World Challenge 2015 Update

MDTC Students take part in World Challenge 2015

A dozen Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College students from Louth and Mablethorpe Campuses were delighted to recently take part in the 2015 World Challenge to Southern India. Following on from the highly successful expeditions in previous years; students from MDTC this year flew into Cochin, where they acclimatised in and around the historic Fort Cochin, before heading out into the stunning Western Ghats for the trek phase of their expedition. Here they trekked through tea, coffee and Cardamom plantations, came face to face with wild elephants and scaled the highest peaks in the range, commanding stunning views down onto the baking hot plains of Tamil Nadu.

It was to Tamil Nadu that the team then headed to complete their community project, renovating a Kindergarten in the district of Athhoor. Working inside and outside in temperatures of 40 degrees they aided local craftsmen in laying new flooring, building partition walls and in painting the shell of the building, which had fire damaged and had been out of action for some time. The end results were stunning in terms of where things were before the team arrived. On the final day local community leaders came to meet with the works team and were very emotional in their gratitude for the hard work of this group of dedicated students.

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