MDTC Awarded Geography Quality Mark 2015

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MDTC was awarded the Secondary Geography Quality Mark 2015 from the Geographical Association and in addition they stated that:

“We welcome your focus on geographical enquiry. We were also impressed by your effective creation of a geographical learning environment and your exciting plans for future developments in this area.  You have provided effective fieldwork provision and good examples of pupil work in response to your planned activities.  Indeed, your entire submission has a very effective focus on the work of your pupils. There is a pleasing strand of active learning running through your lessons which is very well illustrated in your submission.  You have created a relevant, interesting and challenging curriculum with an excellent focus on the local area introducing the students to a complex range of data types and sources.”

“We are pleased to award you the Secondary Geography Quality Mark and trust it will provide you with the recognition you deserve for your current and future work.”