Important Uniform Information

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Uniform for September – please ensure:-

No change in uniform but the current rules will be rigorously enforced for example-

    • Trousers must be mid to dark grey not black and not be jeans or skinny fit

    • Skirts must be knee length. We have now been able to confirm with uniform direct that they have stocks of appropriate skirts up to 24 inches in length

    • Boys socks must be black or grey

    • Only one piercing in each ear is allowed and this must be a plain stud earring of no greater than 6mm diameter. No facial or tongue piercings are permitted. Please take into account ‘healing time’ if you are allowing your son/daughter to have piercings this summer

    • No other jewellery or adornment other than a watch permitted.

    • Hair colours must be natural

    • Nail varnish/false nails are not permitted

    • In Years 7, 8 and 9 no makeup is permitted. In Year 10 and above makeup must be subtle.

    • Students who are not properly attired will not be able to attend lessons until the ‘issue’ is addressed

All students will require a bag which is large enough to carry PE kit and an A4 folder.