‘Happy’ Times for BTEC Business Students

McDonalds Visit

As part of the Year 10 BTEC First Award in Business, students must produce a promotional campaign for a popular product. The group chose to focus on the Happy Meal at McDonalds. As a group we visited the fast food outlet and of course students were ‘encouraged’ to conduct primary market research of their own and taste test the menu!

After this we were lucky enough to have a seminar with the Educational Liaison manager. This was very informative and she explained the methods of promotion used by McDonalds and the impact these have on footfall and sales revenue, she also spoke specifically about the Happy Meal and how and why it appeals to the target audience. Now students will be working in the classroom to rebrand the Happy Meal using the new promotional character introduced by McDonalds, ‘Happy’ a ‘box with hair’ who you will find on each Happy Meal.

Students will be designing new logos, creating ‘catchy’ slogans, writing radio scripts and TV adverts, re-designing the Happy Meal box and planning new sales promotions.