Consultation Process

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Pre-publication consultation on the Governors’ proposal to close the Mablethorpe site from September 2016

Background to the proposed closure of the MDTC Mablethorpe Site

On December 18, 2014, the Governing Body of Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College (MDTC) reluctantly took the decision by a majority vote of 7 – 2, to propose closing the MDTC Mablethorpe site in response to reducing pupil numbers leading to reduced funding and affecting the ability of the school to provide a good education to pupils. MDTC was facing a predicted budget deficit of £1.4m, this deficit was set to rise to £3.4m if radical action by the Governing Body wasn’t taken. Reviewing the curriculum and the staffing structure has already had a positive effect on finances, but, there is more action needed. Therefore, Governors saw no option other than to propose to move to one campus by closing the MDTC Mablethorpe site.

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