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Welcome to the MDTC BBC News Report 2014-2015

Jono Brine – Presenter and journalist for BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Mr Barrett – BBC School News Report Team Leader

The students focused on reporting on the topic of “access to learning for young people in the rural area” and how Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College provide this in Lincolnshire through the federation of two schools.

The BBC School news team report on a bi-weekly basis on topical issues that they feel strongly about. This has all been practise for what has now become a successful event on an international scale with schools up and down the country and some across the channel reporting on topics of their choice for the day.

The event takes place in March and the students have the opportunity to spend the day working as if they are journalists working for the BBC, reporting on a story, editing it and working to a tight deadline in constructing a report that is then shared on the BBC School news report website.

The students of MDTC spent the day with Jono Brine a presenter and journalist from BBC Radio Lincolnshire constructing questions for both their staff and peers, recording interviews, editing sound clips and audio in order to create a 3 minute-long report on the subject of access to learning in Lincolnshire that will be played on air on BBC radio Lincolnshire. This is a fantastic opportunity that not all young reporters get to experience.

The students, from the Mablethorpe campus, travelled to Louth to access facilities on their partner site and worked extremely hard to create a report for the some 40,000 listeners that BBC radio Lincolnshire attracts to its’ early morning show.

The students were focused, a credit to the college and enjoyed the day thoroughly gaining a valuable insight in to the world of journalism.

The report can be heard on BBC radio Lincolnshire on Thursday 19th March 2015 or to hear this report now, please click on the player below: