Local Author Shares His Inspiration With Year 7 and 8


Local writer William Hussey made a visit to Monks Dyke Tennyson College’s Mablethorpe campus on 27th November. He visited to introduce his work to both year 7 and year 8 students to encourage younger children to become readers and to inspire more children to follow in his footsteps and become amazing novelists in the future.

After his motivational workshop with younger students, he was later introduced to Holly and Amy who participate in BBC school news report. They had the opportunity to ask any questions related to his work that they was curious about and the chance to find out why he chose to become a bestselling author. The questions the girls asked William are below and the answers are alongside them.

Who and what inspired you to become an author?
There are two answers. My first inspiration was my grandfather. He was illiterate and couldn’t read or write but what he could do was tell great stories. I loved that effect that he had on people and I wanted to have a go at it. My other inspiration was reading. I got a library card when I was about two years old and was one of the youngest people to get one, I always say if you want to become a writer than you have to enjoy reading.

How old were you when you started writing?
When I started writing stories I was six but they weren’t written down; they were comic books. When I started secondary school there was an English teacher who was another big inspiration. She told me to give up drawing stories but carry on writing down my ideas as narrative stories.

Where do you take your inspiration from for the plot of your stories?
All over the place, with the Witchfinder series it was because I love history and I was always interested in the English civil war because it was a time were anything was possible. It was also a time of huge violence and prejudice and it was a very dramatic time to set a story in. So it was that with the Witchfinder. Generally its history something historically has happened because all ghost stories and horror stories are all about the past coming to haunt the present therefore all my stories have some sort of historical background to them.

Why did you specifically choose that genre of books to base your stories on?
The horror genre, I write scary stories because those were the stories I enjoyed reading the most growing up. Those were the first stories that I really loved so that’s why I write them.

How long did it take you for the finalised version of your first book to be published?
The first published book took about 2 years. The book got passed on to an agent and then he got in touch with me with a publisher. So overall roughly about three years.

In what year was the first book published? Was it a big success?
My first book wasn’t a child’s horror it was in fact an adult horror book, which got published in 2007.

Was there any childhood authors that made you want to follow in their footsteps?
As I said previously I loved Roald Dahl, C.S Lewis and lots and lots of children authors. In your generation you are a lot luckier than we were as you’ve got some amazing authors to read their books from as we didn’t have that growing up.

Do you plan on adding any more stories to your collection?
Well you never know, hopefully. But I definitely have another book lined up which should be released in January 2015. The main basis of the story is aimed at cyber bulling and how it affects many people of the younger generation.

• William’s books can be purchased online and in good bookshops.
• “Jekyll’s Mirror” will be published in January 2015.
• Find out more at www.williamhussey.co.uk

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